September Regatta Recap

Oak Hollow Sailing Club held its September 2017 Regatta on Saturday, September 16th, with 34 members and guests present (including four of our HPU sailing students). Thank you to all who brought morning snacks (the Duffy’s, the Malcolms, the Starkeys, Sue, Paul, and Pam – and any others I may have missed). Thanks to Pam for cleaning up the shelter after the meeting, as we had to vacate it earlier than normal.  Thank you again very much to Bruce and Sally Leigh for arriving early and dodging the “traffic” to get our RC boats launched. Thank you to Sue Cole and Mike Vitamvas for assisting with our HPU students at the City Marina prior to the Captains’ Meeting.

Tom Kirkman filled in on short notice to assist with Race Committee, as we had two volunteers that did not show up. Tom, Phil Andrews, and Gary Gooden set the course in one of the few areas we had some periodic wind, and therefore we were able to complete three races. Thank you guys for your service!

Although the wind was light and sporadic, it was a beautiful day with 16 boats participating in at least one of the three races.

Congratulations to mono-hull race winners Michael Nordahl who won the first two races and to Sue Cole who won Race 3 outright, even without the handicap scoring. Sue finished 8 minutes ahead of the second place boat with handicap scoring.  Way to go, Sue!  The day’s total scoring was unbelievably tight, as Sue Cole and Michael Nordahl tied with 21 points, and Dan Schuee was one point behind with his two second place finishes and one third place.

In the mulit-hulls, congratulations to Roger Bates for 2 first place finishes and one second place, and to Warren Mitchell for winning the first race. Special recognition to Mike Vitamvas for two third place finishes in the multi-hulls, with his two young granddaughters as crew on his Hobie 17.

We are proud of our four HPU students who participated in the first two races – Jack, Justin, Kristen, and Sarah, light (and sporadic) wind sailing is a real challenge, and all four of you did well!  Thank you for sailing with Oak Hollow Sailing Club!

Handicap scoring and the Results with points are HERE.

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August Regatta Recap

On Saturday, August 19, OHSC held its August 2017 Regatta with 31 members present. We had a beautiful, but warm day, with 9 boats participating.  The wind picked up in time for the Race Committee to start and complete three races, with the final race run as a two-lap event.

Special thanks to Bruce (and Sally) Leigh for arriving VERY early to launch the pontoon boat and the safety boat (and also for retrieving them at day’s end), and to Sally for bringing refreshments. Also thanks to Pam Lineberry and Paul for refreshments, coffee, ice and water, and to Jerry and Gene Eldred who brought the apparel for sale.

Thank you to our Race Committee members headed by PRO Mike Mullins, with Allison Mullins, Mike Nordahl, and Dan Schuee.

Congratulations to Gary Gooden who won all three races in the mono-hull class (great to get you back out on the water, Gary!), and to Dave Heap and Alex for two second place finishes. Race winners were spread out nicely in the multi-hull class, with Roger Bates and Pam, Warren Mitchell, and Chris Malcolm and Mary each winning a race. Good sailing ladies and gentlemen.

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2017 Blue Chips Regatta

Oak Hollow Sailing Club held its 4th Annual “Blue Chips Charity Regatta” on Saturday, July 15th, in memory of our past member and club officer, Nancy Valego, and to raise money for cancer research in honor of Nancy.  Our club has raised over $4500 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation from donations and tee shirt sales during the past four years.  Thank you to all our members and friends of the club who have contributed to this worthy cause!  Nancy’s son, Matt, attended the event on Saturday, and passed along his family’s thanks to us for our recognition and remembrance of Nancy, and our contributions to cancer research in her honor.

We had a wonderful turnout for the event, with over 40 members present.  Thank you to Sue Cole, Roger Bates, and Mary Dusek, for morning refreshments, coffee, donuts, and ice, and to the many participants who brought side dishes and desserts for our post-regatta cookout.

Special thanks to Bruce Leigh, who somehow entered the marina before sun up and launched the pontoon boat by himself, which is no small feat. The boat was floating and ready for the race committee before anyone else arrived – thank you, Bruce!

Tom Kirkman volunteered to handle PRO duties, and was assisted on Race Committee by Chris Malcolm, Mary Desek, Annette Grefe, and Mike DuPont. The course was set up as windward – leeward with a gate at the leeward end, and the wind cooperated so that three races were completed by around 2 pm, with two one-lap races and a final 2-lap race. Thank you to all Race Committee volunteers for a very fine job of execution.

Fox 8 Sports covered our event, and we thank them for the few hours they spent filming and interviewing us about our charity event and about our club in general. This should be good publicity for OHSC. The camera man sailed with Michael Nordahl and was able to get some very good video on the water.

Following our regatta, Jerry and Paul grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for our cookout, and we enjoyed the food and post-regatta fellowship. Awards for the regatta were presented by Paul and Linda.  Congratulations to the following sailors and crew:

Mono-hull First Place: Phil Andrews, who won all three races
Mono-hull Second Place: Dan Schuee and Merritt
Mono-hull Third Place (tie): Linda Marsh, John Fulcher: and Michael Nordahl

Multi-hull First Place: Roger Bates (who edged Warren Mitchell by one point)
Multi-hull Second Place: Warren Mitchell

Tom Kirkman pointed out that there was enough wind during each race to allow all sailors to keep moving, and thus our times from first to last were better than usual. There was a 20-minute time limit once the first boat crossed the finish line, and no boat ever had a DNF in any of the three races (except one who chose to go in).  That is unusual for a summer race on Oak Hollow Lake. Congratulations to all sailors!

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OHSC June Regatta Recap

OHSC held its June 2017 Regatta on Saturday, June 17, 2017.  We had an excellent turnout with 36 members present, one guest, Greg Goette, and new member Nestor Ochoa, who crewed with Paul Walter. There were a total of 16 boats registered to participate, 12 mono-hulls, and 4 multi-hulls, and all 16 began the first of three races that were held.

Thank you to our Race Committee, Andy Squint, PRO, Bruce and Sally Leigh, Glenda Wilkinson, Bill Inmon, and Gary Gooden.  The wind shifts just prior to the first race (90 degrees) presented course layout challenges, which continued into the second and third races, so RC stayed busy keeping up with course changes and weather monitoring, as well as all other normal RC tasks. We were fortunate that the weather cooperated (no thunder and lightning) and except for a lull during the last part of race 1, the wind was decent and allowed us to complete three races (and a fourth unofficial “bonus” race for those who stayed out for it).  Thanks to Sue Cole for coffee and to anyone else who brought items for morning snacks.

Congratulations to Dan Shuee and Merritt Wayt, for their 3 First Place finishes in the mono-hull division, and to Roger Bates and Meghan Proctor for their 3 First Place finishes in the multi-hull division. Also congratulations to Annette Grefe and Phil Andrews for 2 Second Places and to Carl and Lois Simmons for their 2 Third Place finishes in the mono-hull division.

Our next regatta is Saturday, July 15, and is our Annual Blue Chips Charity Regatta, during which we collect donations for cancer research in honor and memory of our past member and officer, Nancy Valego, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2013. Please put this on your calendars.  It is an important event which we celebrate with a cookout following our races.

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June Regatta

Oak Hollow Sailing Club is holding its June 2017 Regatta this Saturday, June 17, 2017.

Current weather forecast for Saturday is good with 5 to 7 mph South winds and partly cloudy conditions for most of the day. Thank you to our Race Committee volunteers, Chris Malcolm, Mary Dusek, Bill Inmon, and Glenda Wilkerson, and to Sue and Paul who have signed up for morning refreshments. Please keep in mind that anyone is welcome to bring something for our pre-regatta morning snacks.

If you are planning to sail, please sign up at the link below so we know how to plan – there is NO PENALTY if you sign up and then can’t show up. If you would like to participate as a crew person, we will try to get you on a boat, so please indicate that on the sign-up sheet.

Looking forward to a strong turnout!

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