October 2011 Regatta

October 2011 Regatta

Boat                    Captain                Crew

Lazer                Phil Andrews
Puffer              Capt. Jim Green         Carolyn
Harpoon 4.6    Paul Walter
Harpoon 5.2    Michael Nordahl
Aqua Cat 14     Jerry Eldred

Race Committee:     Connie Sloan
Race 1:

1st place:    Phil Andrews                                               5 points
2nd Place:  Capt. Jim and Carolyn                                4 points
3rd place:   Paul Walter                                                  3 points
4th place:   Michael Nordahl                                          2 points
5th place:   Jerry Eldred                                                 1 point

Race 2:

1st place:  Phil Andrews                                                 5 points
2nd place:   Michael Nordahl                                         4 points
3rd Place:  Capt. Jim and Carolyn                                3 points
4th place:   Jerry Eldred                                                2 points
5th place:  Paul Walter                                                   1 point

Race 3:

1th place:  Phil Andrews                                               5 points
2st Place:  Capt. Jim and Carolyn                                4 points
3nd place:  Paul Walter                                                 3 points
4rd place:   Michael Nordahl                                        2 points
5th place:   Jerry Eldred                                               1 point

Total Points:

Phil Andrews                                                            15 points
Capt. Jim Green          Carolyn Green                   11 points
Paul Walter                                                                 7 points
Michael Nordahl                                                         8 points
Jerry Eldred                                                               4 points

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