July 2011 Regatta Results

Boat Captain and crew


  1. Art Martz                                       Precision 16
  2. Warren Mitchell                              Hobie 16
  3. Nancy Valego                                 Hobie Holder
  4. Michael Nordahl                              Hunter JY15
  5. Jerry Eldred and Connie Sloan       Aqua Cat
  6. Melissa Palmer                                Harpoon 4.6
  7. Bill Hansen and Kathy Hansen        Capri 14
  8. Tait and Leslie Humphries               West Wight Potter


Race Committee: Paul Walter




Race 1:

1st: Nancy Valego                5 points

2nd: Melissa Palmer              4 points

3rd: Michael Nordahl            3 points

4th: Tait Humphries              2 points

5th: Warren Mitchell             1 point

6th: Art Martz                       1 point

7th: Jerry Eldred                   1 point

8th: Bill Hansen                     1 point


Race 2:

1st: Nancy Valego                 5 points

2nd: Michael Nordahl            4 points

3rd: Melissa Palmer               3 points

4th: Warren Mitchell             2 points

5th: Art Martz                       1 point

6th: Jerry Eldred                   1 point

7th: Tait Humphries              1 point


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