OHSC May 2017 Regatta Recap

Oak Hollow Sailing Club held its May 2017 Regatta on Saturday, May 20th. We had 31 members attending and 14 boats participating in the races. Winds were forecast to be in the 5 to 7 mph range all day, and started out that way. We were able to complete 3 races, although the wind died during the third race with only 3 of 10 boats completing the race during the time limitation.

Special thanks to our volunteers for the event: the Duffy’s for providing homemade breakfast burritos, and to Gary Gooden, Paul Walter and Sally Leigh for pastries, fruit and water. (Sorry if someone was left out of this list – other items were brought but I don’t know who brought them). Tom Kirkman handled PRO duties, with race committee volunteers Teri and Mark Craven, Sue Cole, and Dari Starkey. Tom introduced a new course design for us (a gate at the upwind mark) which was well-received by the sailors, as they were presented with an option of a port or starboard mark to round. Thank you to the entire race committee for their excellent work.

Also, a VERY special thank you to Bruce and Sally Leigh for heading up the club’s pontoon boat restoration (with help from Tom Kirkman also). Since the April Regatta, the club had to purchase a trailer for the pontoon boat and park it (the pontoon boat) at the North Marina for our future use. Bruce and Sally and Tom had it pressure washed, restained, flooring repaired, seats removed and repainted, and Tom constructed a new console with a cutting board top. Also, Bruce obtained new lettering for both sides of the boat, so we now have an RC boat that looks much more presentable. Thank you for your many hours of work!

Below please find the handicap scoring and overall race results for the May regatta. Congratulations to mono-hull race winners Phil Andrews (2 firsts) and Michael Nordahl (1 first), and to multi-hull winners Roger Bates (2 firsts) and Jerry Eldred (1 first).

Our next regatta is scheduled for Saturday, June 17.

2017 Regatta 2 – May

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Fun Day !

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April Regatta Recap

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, Oak Hollow Sailing Club opened its 2017 Sailing Season with its first regatta. We had 33 members attending, 16 boats that participated, and Anne Marie Covington sailed with us, visiting from Lake Townsend (crewing with Annette Grefe, in the Wayfarer) .  With the beautiful weather and the number of members present, this was one of the best opening regattas we have had in many years.  Thank you to all of you who attended!

Special thanks to our volunteers: Sue Cole, Pam Lineberry, and Sally Leigh for providing morning snacks and coffee. Race Committee: Jerry Eldred, John Fulcher, Linda Marsh, Roger Bates, and Meghan – thank you guys and ladies for keeping us organized, timed, and on schedule, and helping with the capsizes!.  And to our new members Don and Donna Beal for generously providing chopped barbecue, chips and drinks for everyone when we came off the water – what a great surprise! We are anxious to help you get that newly-acquired Flying Scot out on the lake!

With temperatures approaching 80 degrees by mid afternoon, and double digit winds with gusts in the teens, the multi-hulls finally got some conditions to their liking, and the handicap scoring reflected that.  The conditions were tough for most of the mono-hulls, and our safety boat stayed busy assisting on several capsizes. Everyone was required to wear their PFD’s (in the Captains’ Meeting), so everyone was fine, but the day was cut short for several boats that did not have crew, or became “waterlogged” and could not continue.  We were able to run three (one lap triangle) races.  We started Race 1 with 16 boats, (12 mono-hulls and 4 multi-hulls), in Race 2 we had 6 mono-hulls, and in Race 3 we had 5 mono-hulls.  All four multi-hulls completed all three races.

Congratulations to Chris Malcolm and Mary Dusek who sailed an almost perfect race in Race 1 in their Hobie 16.  It is unusual at Oak Hollow for anyone to beat Phil Andrews in adjusted scoring, and overall Chris and Mary beat Phil (who finished 2nd overall in that race) by a minute and a half, and they destroyed the rest of the field in that race.  Way to go, Chris and Mary!

It was also interesting to note that all four mulit-hulls finished ahead of 11 of the 12 mono-hulls AFTER the adjusted scoring, which is an unusual feat on our lake.  We are happy all you multi-hull sailors finally got some good conditions so you and your boats “could show your stuff.”  Congratulations also to Andy Squint for winning Races 2 and 3 in the multi-hull class, and to Phil Andrews for winning all three races in the mono-hull category.  Way to go guys!  Very impressive sailing!  Finally, congratulations to Bruce and Sally Leigh for their consistent sailing in all three races, posting a 2nd and two 3rds, with their 1350 lb. wing keel Capri 16.

Next Regatta is May 20th.  Let’s exceed 20 boats for that event!

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April Regatta Pics !

Click for full gallery

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OHSC April Regatta

OHSC Sailors
Race one of the OHSC 2017 is scheduled for Saturday April 15th.
We already have a Race Committee assembled, so all you need to bring is yourself, a boat, a dish to pass ( If you’d like ).

Skippers Meeting will be at 10:30am at the Sailing Point Shelter. Skippers meetings will be short and sweet this year, so we can get on the water earlier and start the first race ASAP after the meeting.

Two weeks away and the forecast temperatures are already looking decent, but Oak Hollow waters can still be quite cold this early in the year. With the forecasts and be prepared.

Here’s the link to the sign up sheets. We will use the same set of sheets all year, note that there are tabs at the bottom of the page for selecting the correct months Regatta.


Lets get some sail on, and have FUN!

Jerry Eldred
2017 OHSC Commodore

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