April Regatta Pics !

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OHSC April Regatta

OHSC Sailors
Race one of the OHSC 2017 is scheduled for Saturday April 15th.
We already have a Race Committee assembled, so all you need to bring is yourself, a boat, a dish to pass ( If you’d like ).

Skippers Meeting will be at 10:30am at the Sailing Point Shelter. Skippers meetings will be short and sweet this year, so we can get on the water earlier and start the first race ASAP after the meeting.

Two weeks away and the forecast temperatures are already looking decent, but Oak Hollow waters can still be quite cold this early in the year. With the forecasts and be prepared.

Here’s the link to the sign up sheets. We will use the same set of sheets all year, note that there are tabs at the bottom of the page for selecting the correct months Regatta.


Lets get some sail on, and have FUN!

Jerry Eldred
2017 OHSC Commodore

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OHSC March Regatta

OHSC held its March 2017 Preseason Regatta on Saturday, March 18th, with six boats participating (4 multi-hulls and 2 mono-hulls).  This was a great opportunity for sailors to “shakedown their boats” and for the club to prepare the Race Committee boats for our upcoming season-opening April Regatta.  Thanks to the following members for their time and effort:

Tom Kirkman, Bruce Leigh, Roger Bates for servicing the safety boat and making final preparations on the pontoon boat.

Jerry Eldred, Karla Duperault, Bruce Leigh, Tom Kirkman for arriving early to launch the safety boat, tow the pontoon boat and claim our space at the shelter in anticipation of the very busy Sailing Point activity as we shared the location with three rowing teams and their guests.

Sally Leigh, Pam Lineberry, and Leslie Duffy for morning and afternoon refreshments and snacks: coffee and Granny’s donuts in the morning and chile, corn bread and brownies upon our return from the water.

Bruce Leigh and Pam Lineberry for serving on Race Committee.

Thank you very much to all for helping us have a very successful preseason event.

Regatta Recap:

The rain finished before we launched and forecast West winds of 7 to 8 mph did not hold for our three races. Wind direction was steady from the West but wind speed varied and pretty much died in the third race.

Mono-hulls were sailed by Michael Nordahl and Sue Cole, both sailing solo. Multi-hulls were represnted by Andy Squint and Tom Kirkman each sailing solo, and Chris Malcolm sailing with Mary Dusek, and Warren Mitchell sailing with Patrick Duffy.

Wind speeds favored the mono-hulls with Michael Nordahl winning all three races with handicap scoring, and Sue Cole finishing second in two of the races overall.  Scoring was broken down separately for both classes.  Within the multi-hulls Warren Mitchell and Patrick Duffy won two of the three races, with Andy Squint winning the third. Chris Malcolm had two 3rd place finishes and Tom Kirkman had one, with Andy Squint edging him by about 12 seconds for a 2nd place finish in the first race.

submitted by Paul Walter

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OHSC Pre Season Regatta

Weather permitting, Oak Hollow Sailing Club plans to hold an early season (Exhibition) regatta on Saturday, March 18, 2017.  This was a request by several sailors who were hoping for decent wind early in the season.

Please note the following:

  1. This is not a sanctioned regular season regatta by OHSC – although we will score it, the results will NOT be included in our year-end scoring.
  2. As of this email date (Sunday, March 12) the Sail Point parking lot has NOT yet been paved, but we expect it to be completed this week before Saturday.
  3. Anyone who decides to participate on March 18, should have cold water gear and should realize the water temperature is still dangerous. If conditions are difficult strong consideration should be given as to whether you should sail or not.
  4. The City of High Point does NOT have a second boat to loan at this point due to their patrol boat having been vandalized, AND any potential assistance they might be able to offer will be limited and potentially delayed.
  5. Race Committee will be relying solely on our safety boat which is being serviced this week – we expect it to be ready, assuming there are no early season issues with it.

The link to sign up for Race Committee or to race is found below


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When The NacDaddy Visits

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