August results and photos….


Oak Hollow Sailing Club held its August Regatta on Saturday, August 18. There was excellent participation with 11 boats under sail. Race Committee duties were handled by Michael Nordahl, Tait Humphries, and Minnie. Thank you to them, and to Connie for the refreshments before our races. We had two guest boats with us, Fred Clifford, with his crew, Jeff Stalings and Chuck Hoover, in a Hilander 20, and Joe Holder and his crew member in a Pirate 15. Thanks for joining us for a fun day, guys!
We were able to start and complete 2 races
, but we did not run a third race as the wind totally disappeared midway through the second race. Nevertheless, it was a great day on the water! Thanks to everyone who participated!
Our September Regatta is set for September 15th. We expect to have the High Point University sailing students sailing with us in that event. The club begins teaching the HPU sailing class on August 23rd, and we will be working with the students on the water beginning Saturday, August 25. We welcome any members who would like to assist with the instruction to join us at the City Marina at about 12:45 p.m. on Saturday, August 25.
Paul Walter
Oak Hollow Yacht Club
Results are posted HERE
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