2012 Opening Regatta this Saturday !

To all Oak Hollow Sailing Club Members and Guests: Our first official regatta of 2012, is set for this Saturday, April 21, at the sailing marina (end of Waterview Rd.) Boats should be rigged and ready to sail before the Captains’ Meeting begins at 10:30 a.m., so that we can begin our first race promptly at 11:30 a.m. Forecasted conditions look very good for our scheduled racing window of time (11:30 a.m. to around 2:30 or 3 p.m.) with winds forecasted to be in the 7 to 9 mph range. If the forecast holds, we should be completed and off the water before the rain arrives later in the day. As mentioned in an earlier email to you, the club has a 15-foot Boston Whaler Harpoon 4.6 monohull with jib and mainsail, available for rent for any member who is qualified to sail, first come, first serve. The rental cost is $20 for a regatta (no separate launch fee required), and will be $15 on days that the City will require the $7 launch fee be paid. If you are interested in renting this, please contact Paul Walter at 336-707-8112, or through email at [email protected] We will see that it is in the water and ready to sail for anyone who rents it. Nancy Valego is primary Race Committee and will be assisted by Art Martz or Tait Humphries. We hope to see as many of you as possible for our first event. See you on Saturday morning! Paul Walter Oak Hollow Sailing Club

Sailing Safety

Sailing Safety


As members of the worldwide sailing community, we share in the grief of the friends and family of the five sailors who are dead/presumed dead from the yachting tragedy which occurred on April 14th, off the coast of San Francisco, during the Full Crew Farallones Race.

The tragedy is a reminder to us that the sport we love can be dangerous and deadly. Although most of us probably will never sail on a 38-foot yacht in 14-foot waves in the ocean, we cannot forget how quickly conditions can change to something we aren’t expecting, even on our local lakes. As we go about our sailing activities (regattas, classes, informal instruction, social sailing, etc.), this incident reminds us to keep “safety” the top priority in all that we do.

Proper preparations before we sail include:

  • Knowing what the weather and wind forecast is
  • Knowing your sailing capabilities (and not knowingly setting sail in conditions beyond your limits)
  • Having proper safety gear, and wearing it
  • Letting others know your sail plan
  • Knowing how to respond to emergencies

As our Oak Hollow Sailing Club 2012 Season is about to officially begin this weekend, let’s all keep safety a top priority as we continue to “do what we love”.

Paul Walter
Oak Hollow Sailing Club

Great Sailing Forecast !

To: All Oak Hollow Sailing Club members:

The great weather has continued for us, and the current forecast for this coming weekend looks ideal to get your boats out! It is forecasted to be around 80 degrees for both Saturday and Sunday, with forecasted winds around 10 mph both days. For those who haven’t sailed yet in 2012, this looks to be a great opportunity to get your boat wet before our official regatta season begins on April 21.

For our members without boats (or if your boat is not available to sail) we have the Harpoon 4.6 available to rent. The club is working out the details (rental fee, storage, rigging, etc.) but if you want to use it this weekend, or the next, please contact me, and we will make arrangements to have it at the marina for you. We should have details worked out (and members will be notified about them) following our April 18th board meeting.

There have been a lot of our sailing club members on the water during March and April, along with some new folks with new boats.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 21st, for our first regatta of 2012. We are hoping for 10 or more boats that day!


Paul Walter
Oak Hollow Sailing Club

OHSC Open Sail


Come and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the water with the Oak Hollow Sailing Club this Saturday, March 17th, beginning around 10 a.m. at Oak Hollow Lake. We will be holding a “Fun” (non-scoring) Regatta on Saturday, to take advantage of the wonderful warm weather we are getting this week.
We will have a race course set up for those who want to practice for the 2012 season, but we will not include any results in the 2012 season scoring. We have at least 8 boats committed to attend (from board members), and have already been contacted by a non-member who may participate.
If you don’t have plans yet for mid-day Saturday, please come and join us at the lake for an early season sail.
Thanks! Hope to see you on Saturday!
Paul Walter
Oak Hollow Sailing Club

Getting Ready !


To All Oak Hollow Sailing Club Members:

Thanks to the administrative follow-up of Nancy Valego, the club’s name is now officially recognized by the state as “Oak Hollow Sailing Club”, completing the transition from “Yacht” club which was initiated in late 2011.
We will begin the season with almost 20 boats in our membership, which is exciting! In 2011, we averaged almost 8 boats per regatta Saturday, which was a signifcant increase over previous seasons.

One area I hope we can focus on in 2012, is to try to keep as many of our member families involved, especially those who are still learning to sail, and may not yet feel comfortable enough to rent (or own) a sailboat on their own. If you fall into this category (new, still learning, no boat) please don’t get discouraged. If you and your family members enjoy being on the water, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for you to continue to sail, and be involved. Our goal as a club is to help all of our members to improve their sailing skills, especially those who are new to sailing, so they will become proficient and confident enough to sail on their own.

The opportunities to stay involved include if you are still “new” and/or are without a boat include:

1. Showing up on the Saturdays on which we sail and being a crew member on someone’s boat.

2. Helping on the committee boat (the pontoon boat, to help keep times and record them).

3. Renting a Sunfish from the Oak Hollow Marina

4. Borrowing or renting a spare boat (if there is one available). The club is working toward buying a boat for this purpose (for training and for use of our members who don’t own one).

We look forward to beginning the season, and will send out our schedule after the board and officers meet later this month.

Paul Walter

Oak Hollow Sailing Club