Getting Ready !


To All Oak Hollow Sailing Club Members:

Thanks to the administrative follow-up of Nancy Valego, the club’s name is now officially recognized by the state as “Oak Hollow Sailing Club”, completing the transition from “Yacht” club which was initiated in late 2011.
We will begin the season with almost 20 boats in our membership, which is exciting! In 2011, we averaged almost 8 boats per regatta Saturday, which was a signifcant increase over previous seasons.

One area I hope we can focus on in 2012, is to try to keep as many of our member families involved, especially those who are still learning to sail, and may not yet feel comfortable enough to rent (or own) a sailboat on their own. If you fall into this category (new, still learning, no boat) please don’t get discouraged. If you and your family members enjoy being on the water, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for you to continue to sail, and be involved. Our goal as a club is to help all of our members to improve their sailing skills, especially those who are new to sailing, so they will become proficient and confident enough to sail on their own.

The opportunities to stay involved include if you are still “new” and/or are without a boat include:

1. Showing up on the Saturdays on which we sail and being a crew member on someone’s boat.

2. Helping on the committee boat (the pontoon boat, to help keep times and record them).

3. Renting a Sunfish from the Oak Hollow Marina

4. Borrowing or renting a spare boat (if there is one available). The club is working toward buying a boat for this purpose (for training and for use of our members who don’t own one).

We look forward to beginning the season, and will send out our schedule after the board and officers meet later this month.

Paul Walter

Oak Hollow Sailing Club

2011 OHYC Champion


Paul Walter

2011 OHYC Champion

2011 Final Results

Skipper                                               Apr May Jul Aug Sept Oct   Race Comm Total
Paul Walter                                            0     4       0    9     12     7       18                    50
Nancy Valego                                         0     7     10    8       0     0       13                    38
Michael Nordahl                                  0     3       7    7     10      8        0                    35
Phil Andrews                                         0     0      0     0      0    15      15                    30
Capt. Jim Green and Carolyn         0     2       0     2    14    11        0                    29
Warren Mitchell                                14      2       3     0     5      0        0                    24
Craig Huey                                            13     5       0     0     0      0        0                    18
Jerry Eldred                                           1     0       2     1      0      4        6                    14
Melissa Palmer                                     0     2       7      0     0      0        5                    14
Chuck Eldred                                        0      3      0      2     0      0        5                    10
Chuck Reavis                                        0      8      0      1     0       0        0                      9
Art Martz                                                0     0      2      2     4       0        0                      8
Tait and Leslie Humphries            0     0       3      0     0      0        0                      3
John Fulcher and Linda Marsh    0     2       0      0     0     0         0                      2
Bill Hansen                                            0     0       1      0     0     0         0                      1

OHYC Year End Banquet

To all Oak Hollow Yacht Club Members:

Here are the details for our year-end banquet on Saturday evening, November 19th:

location: CrossRoads Restaurant
1800 Westchester Dr.
High Point, NC

time: 6 p.m.

We will gather in the banquet room beginning at 6 p.m., and dinner will be served at 6:30. All members are invited including husband, wife, and children, or member and his/her significant other. There will be no charge for the evening and dinner (OHYC is covering the meal cost for our members and their families).

Following the meal we will present our annual awards.

Please RSVP by email before November 3rd, as to whether you are attending, and how many from your family there will be. We had wonderful participation this year, and hope that as many of you as possible will attend.


Paul Walter
Oak Hollow Yacht Club
[email protected]

October Regatta and OHYC – LTYC Interclub

To all OHYC members:

The hot summer is behind us now, and we have just two official sailing dates left on our calendar: next Saturday, October 15th will be our final OHYC Regatta at Oak Hollow Lake, and Saturday, November 12th is our interclub regatta against Lake Townsend, at Lake Townsend Marina in Greensboro. We hope to see as many of you as possible at both events. It has been a fun season for us, with a total of 14 of our members having sailed at least one regatta race with us, which is an increase of over 25% from last year. Even more exciting is that 5 of the 14 members who sailed with us this year have been NEW members!

We look forward to ending our “official” sailing season on a strong note. Make your plans for these final two Saturday regattas, and in particular, get your boats tuned for our annual interclub against Lake Townsend, so we can regain the trophy!
Paul Walter