Learn to Sail Camps, Community Events & Resources

Summer Learn to Sail Camps

Registration is now open! But space is limited so sign up quickly!

See highlights: Sailing Camp Video

June 17 – 21: Sailing Camp – 15 Students – Sign up!
July 8 – 12: Sailing Camp – 15 Students – Sign up!

All camps run Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, and are open to all middle schoolers and above. We even allow a limited number of parents to join in the fun. To provide personal instruction we limit class size to 15 people. Life vests will be provided.

Also included is a free, one-year free Oak Hollow Sailing Club membership where your kids can participate in any of our club-sponsored events.

Students learn the basics of sailing including sailboat basics, rigging, knot tying, how to capsize and right a sailboat, and how to sail both monohull and catamaran sailboats. Students wil learn through open-air classroom and hands-on sailing with experienced sailors. By the end of the week, they will be able to sail by themselves in light to medium winds.

Kids will be exposed to the vast options that sailing includes, from pleasure sailing to windsurfing, foiling, ice sailing, and the oldest continuous competition, The America’s Cup.

To learn more about our camps or Oak Hollow Sailing Club membership, email Mike Vitamvas at [email protected].

Community Sailing Events

Saturday, May 4: 12:00-4:00pm – Sign up here!

Come out and experience sailing during this free event. Weather permitting.

To learn more, email Mike Vitamvas at [email protected].

More Resources to Help You Learn to Sail

Join OHSC!

We have events from March to October available to members, no boat is needed. If you have some sailing experience, the club has three boats you are welcome to check out that are included with your membership (once you are approved). They include two Sunfish and one Force Five. The Sunfish are perfect beginner boats, and the Force Five can be sailed by someone with a little more training and experience.

For those with no sailing experience, come out and crew with one of the members. By the end of the summer you will know enough to be sailing in light air by yourself.

See our membership page for more information on joining Oak Hollow Sailing Club.

Online Resources

There is a great website that will take you step by step on how to sail a boat. It was created by some great guys from England so some of the terminology is different from what we use in the USA but other than that, it is a great practical resource and it is free. Check out: sailaboat.tv

Another great resource: How to tie sailing knots:  https://www.animatedknots.com/boating-knots

Local Training Resources

Our friends at Lake Townsend Yacht Club have additional resources for learning to sail including weekend courses. Visit their website for more information.