Safety Instructions

Oak Hollow Sailng Club: Emergency Card

Emergency or Life Threatening Injury - Steps

  1. Render assistance
  2. Make contact with safety crew for assistance. Designate someone to make contact for help
  3. Call for Help & Emergency Medical Attention:  9-1-1, Oak Hollow Marina: 336-883-3494
  4. Monitor and administer first-aid (Safety Boat has a small first aid kit)
  5. Send Someone to meet emergency vehicles or…
  6. Alert Marina of location where you will transfer injured person to prepare for arrival
  7. Transfer injured to care of Emergency Team
  8. Debrief and inform key people: Commodore, authorities, family of injured

Be prepared to tell 9-1-1:

  • Current location of injured person
  • Description of boats (if requesting on-water help)
  • Where you plan to bring injured person ashore (see below)
  • Age/gender/number of injured people
  • Type of injury/situation
  • Your name and call back number

Emergency Response Pick-Up Locations:

Map Key – A

Oak Hollow Lake Marina
Docks in front of marina – inform staff at marina
3431 N Centennial St, High Point

Map Key – B

Oak Hollow Lake – Sailboat Launch Dock
Dock across the lake from the marina – Sailboat Point
3701 Waterview Rd, High Point

Map Key – C

Oak Hollow Lake – High Point Festival Park
Deck on the water at the park
1841 Eastchester Dr, High Point

Contact Numbers

Emergency: 911
Oak Hollow Marina: 336-883-3494
HP Police: (336) 883-3224 (non-emergency)
Local Fire: (336) 883-3358 (non-emergency)