August Regatta

Our August regatta was held on Saturday the 21st. As usual, for an August regatta the winds were light and the temperatures were high.

P.R.O. Warren Mitchell set a windward leeward course with an extra mark to create both a long and a short course. The intention was to sail the long course in the first race and then adjust to the short course if necessary for either of the remaining races. However, the wind before the first race was so light that it was changed to the short course.

During the second race the wind seemed to be strongest at and beyond the weather mark so the course for the third race was moved in that direction. However, Oak Hollow Lake would have none of that and the wind in that area also decreased at the start of the race.

We started with a small turnout of 3 monohulls and 4 catamarans. Thanks to all of those that participated and tolerated the conditions.

Check out a few pictures in our photo gallery here. And if you have any to contribute, please let our webmaster know.

Sailing Camp 2021

Sailing camp 2021 was fun for everyone! Held July 26-20, class consisted of 5 youth and one adult, none of whom had ever sailed before. Students learned the basics of sailboats, rigging, knot tying, how to capsize and right a sailboat, and how to sail both monohull and catamaran sailboats.

On the first day we showed them the various aspects of sailing and went over the basics of sailboats before taking them out on the water.

On Tuesday, day two, there was very little wind so we had capsize training, where everyone flipped the Sunfish and learned how to right them. Little did we know that each one would find this skill so useful later on in the week.

Wednesday, day three, the winds were predicted to be very light but we decided to take them out sailing because they needed more practice before they were turned loose sailing by themselves on Thursday and Friday. The winds at Oak Hollow surprised us coming up to 5-10mph, which was perfect for learning to sail.

Thursday, the kids and one adult were sent out on the water to sail by themselves with our chase boat providing assistance if needed. The winds were 5-10mph for most of the day and everyone did well. There was one short period of time when the winds hit around 15mph. We had two boats capsize and the third lose a crew member overboard but they all recovered, bringing the boats back upright and helping one kid back onto the boat.

Friday we sent everyone back out sailing. The winds were again 5-10mph and this time the kids had no problems handling the boats.

Overall, it was a great week, full of lots of learning and fun!

See students in action in our photo gallery!

July Regatta

Our regatta, held on Saturday, July 17, was a pleasant surprise in regards to the wind compared to some past July regattas. It was also good to see 18 boats on the water.

The regatta was mostly event free except for a few boats lightly tapping other boats and a rookie spinnaker user encountering an Oak Hollow wind swirl that wrapped the spinnaker and sheets around the port hull and needed the rescue boat assistance to get untangled. Thanks Bruce and Sally.

After the regatta but while the rescue boat was still on the water Capsize Mary convinced Chris to turn their boat over in her attempt to close in on Warren’s capsize record and were also rescued by Bruce and Sally and Chuck. Thanks again. Usually, being on the rescue boat in July means towing boats to shore due to lack of wind. Not this time.

Enjoy a few photos in our gallery here.

June Regatta

Held June 19, 2021, at Oak Hollow Lake, this mid-summer regatta saw winds fairly consistent at 8-14mph with a few shifts. Three two-lap races were held on a windward/leeward course with the start/finish line being an obstacle and a gate at the leeward mark.

Many thanks to our competitors and our fearless race comittee for another awesome day on the water!! Check out more pictures at this link!

Learn to Sail this Summer

Give your kids a unique experience this summer learning to sail!

Dates: June 21-25 or July 26-30
Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm
Who: kids entering 6th – 12th grade
Class size: limited to 10 kids
Where: Oak Hollow Lake – Sailboat Point – across the lake from the marina
Cost: $150 per one-week session

In this class, your kids will learn the basics of sailing through an open-air classroom, hands-on sailing with experienced sailors, and finally, sailing by themselves.

They will also be exposed to the vast options that sailing includes, from pleasure sailing to windsurfing, foiling, ice sailing, and the oldest continuous competition, The America’s Cup.

Our schedule will (weather permitting) start each morning with some classroom instruction, followed by time on the water. OHSC will provide the life vests.

Monday – Wednesday, we will meet at Sailboat Point, and Thursday and Friday at Oak Hollow Marina where they will learn to sail the Sunfish provided by the City of High Point.

The class also includes a one-year free membership to Oak Hollow Sailing Club where, if they choose, they can participate in our other activities such as fun sails and racing.

The Important Stuff…

Sign up on the website here, then following these steps:

  1. Click on Register.
  2. In left column, click on Youth – Ages 0-17.
  3. Click on Youth Programs.
  4. Locate the “Learn to Sail Youth Lessons” program that you prefer (June or July week) and click Register.
  5. If you do not already have an account on the High Point website, you can create one free.
  6. Continue to the class registration and online payment

Finally, we meet Monday through Wednesday at Sailboat Point, 3701 Waterview Rd, High Point, NC 27265