June 2012 Regatta

The OHSC June 2012 Regatta was held on Saturday, June 16th.
Under beautiful skies, and a steady 12 mph NE wind for all three races.
Congratulations to individual race winners:
-Tait and Leslie Humphries
-Chuck Eldred
-Michael Nordahl (with Minnie and Nancy Valego as crew).
Thanks to Les Eger and Rachel Humphries for their help on the committee boat.

Results were as follow:

Skipper                   Boat
Tait Humphries    W.Wight Potter
Phil Andrews         Harpoon 4.6
Capt.Jim Green    Puffer
Michael Nordahl   Harpoon 5.2
Chuck Eldred        Sunfish
Art Martz              Precision 16
Jerry Eldred         Aqua Cat
Andy Squint         Sunfish
Ed Miller               M Scow 16
Leslie Humphries W.Wight Potter

Race 1:

Place  Skipper         Crew  Points

1 Tait Humphries    Leslie     5
2 Phil Andrews        Son         4
3 Capt.Jim Green    nephew  3
4 Michael Nordahl   Minnie
Nancy V.                                   2
5 Chuck Eldred                        1
6 Art Martz             Debbie S. 1
7 Jerry Eldred         Connie     1
8 Andy Squint                          1

Race 2:

Place  Skipper        Crew    Points

1 Chuck Eldred                           5
2 Phil Andrews         son            4
3 Michael Nordahl   Minnie
Nancy V.                                     3
4 Capt. Jim Green   nephew     2
5 Leslie Humphries Tait           1
6 Jerry Eldred         Connie       1
7 Andy Squint                             1

Race 3:

Place Skipper        Crew    Points

1 Michael Nordahl  Minnie
Nancy V.                                     5
2 Jerry Eldred                           4
3 Capt. Jim Green  nephew     3
4 Andy Squint                           2
5 Ed Miller              girl friend  1

Thanks, to all who participated!
It was great to have new members, Andy Squint and Debbie Smothers
particpate with us Andy as skipper, and Debbie as crew.
Also, new members Paul Sepulveda and Mike Schram were practicing
on a Sunfish further down the lake during the races – it is fantastic to
see our new folks out on the water!

I would like to add a final (editor’s) note and say I think it was pretty cool
that Tait and Leslie won the first race in their W.Wight Potter
(this is what handicap racing is all about)
AND that Chuck Eldred showed us all how to sail by winning the second
with a rented Sunfish. Way to go guys and gals!

Paul Walter
Oak Hollow Sailing Club