OHSC 2013

DSCF4110To all OHSC Members:

We are a little over a month and a half away from getting our 2013 Season underway (first board meeting will be held on March 13, at which time we will set the schedule for the Season). Some of you have continued to sail during the winter, some of you have made boat purchases over the winter, and some are making plans for additional training this year. If the rest of you are like me, you are reading sailing articles, looking at (and dreaming about) other boats, and waiting for some suitable sailing weather and warmer water temperatures.

We are beginning our 2013 year with the addition of two new families to our club. Michael Dupont and his family joined us at the end of last year for the 2013 Season, and they own a Hunter 170. Also, Bob Bass and his family have joined us this year. Bob and Sharon and son, Stephen are members of Lake Townsend Yacht Club, as well, and they are looking to sail more frequently, and enjoyed our hospitality at the November Inter-club. Bob brings with him a Vagabond 14, and Stephen sails an Isotope catamaran. Sid Scott and his wife just recently purchased a Renken 18. We are thrilled to have some new sailors to begin the year and some new boats in the club!

Attached you will find the beginning OHSC member listing – we are starting with 52 member families on the roll, and 36 boats – a nice start to the year!

PLEASE BEGIN MAKING PLANS TO SEND IN YOUR 2013 DUES ($30 per family) AND SEND THEM TO: OHSC Treasurer, C/o Ann Eldred, 181 Spring Garden Circle, High Point, NC 27260. Try to have your dues paid as soon as possible – we hope to have everyone paid by March 31, 2013.

Our 2013 officers and board members as voted in at the November, 2012, Year-end Banquet are as follow:

Commodore: Paul Walter
1st Vice-Commodore: Jerry Eldred (also Webmaster)
2nd Vice-Commodore: Nancy Valego
Secretary: Melissa Palmer
Treasurer: Annie Eldred

Past Commodore: Warren MItchell

Board members: Michael Nordahl
Tait Humphries
Art Martz
Chuck Eldred
Connie Sloan
Linda Marsh

Our primary goal in 2013, as it is with every sailing season, is to “Promote and enjoy the sport of sailing”. We accomplish that by sharing our passion and knowledge of the sport among ourselves, and especially with others who want to learn about and enjoy sailing. We have a few new members from 2012, with whom we weren’t able to share some basic training (due to scheduling conflicts). A primary goal will be to help them get trained as early in the year as possible.

Our growth in membership has been wonderful during the past several years, and is a tribute to our following our mission of “promoting and enjoying”. To everyone of our members, please share the enjoyment of sailing with your friends and family who you think might enjoy it, and invite them to sail with us this year.

Following our March 13th board meeting we will send out an email with our 2013 schedule, and it will be posted on our website, www.ohsc.us. It is very likely we will continue to hold our regattas on the 3rd Saturday of each month, beginning in April, but we will confirm that at the board meeting, and will advise you all.

Looking forward to the 2013 Season, and seeing all of you!


Paul Walter
2013 Commodore
Oak Hollow Sailing Club