OHSC April Regatta Results

100_5547OHSC held its first 2016 regatta on Saturday, April 16, with about 23 members present along with several guests. We had beautiful weather with winds up to around 10 mph, with averages somewhat less than that, and temperatures reaching the mid-60’s. Twelve boats participated in the regatta.

Race committee was handled by Tait Humphries, Phil Andrews, Stephanie DeLair, Linda Marsh and John Fulcher.  Also volunteering were Rosalie Austin and Dari Starkey, who handled the apparel sales. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for volunteering!  We were able to complete three races.  Congratulations to Chuck Reavis, Spencer Sherrill and Paul Walter who were the three individual race winners. Sue Cole and guest Jeff Swing, sailed the most consistently and finished with a 2nd and two 3rd place finishes.

Handicap scoring and full race results are attached.

April 2016 Regatta Results    
Captain Crew Boat
Sue Cole Jeff Javelin
Carl Simmons Lois Lightning
Gary Hudgins Art Hunter 146
Paul Walter   Hunter 18
Warren Mitchell Pam Hobie 16
Jerry Eldred friend Aquacat
Les Eger Force 5
Tom Kirkman   WETA
Chuck Reavis   Daysailer
Mike Mullins Allison Hobie T2
Spencer Sherrill   Force 5
Gen Eldred   Capri 14
Race 1    
Position Captain  
1st Chuck Reavis  
2nd Sue Cole  
3rd Paul Walter  
4th Les Eger  
5th Gary Hudgins  
6th Carl Simmons  
7th Warren Mitchell  
8th Spencer Sherrill  
9th Tom Kirkman  
10th Gene Eldred  
11th Jerry Eldred  
12th Mike Mullins  
Race 2    
Position Captain  
1st Spencer Sherrill  
2nd Carl Simmons  
3rd Sue Cole  
4th Paul Walter  
5th Chuck Reavis  
6th Les Eger  
7th Jerry Eldred  
8th Gene Eldred  
9th Tom Kirkman  
10th Gary Hudgins  
11th Warren Mitchell  
DNF Mike Mullins  
Race 3    
Position Captain  
1st Paul Walter  
2nd Spencer Sherrill  
3rd Sue Cole  
4th Carl Simmons  
5th Chuck Reavis  
6th Les Eger  
7th Gene Eldred  
8th Gary Hudgins  
9th Warren Mitchell  
10th Mike Mullins  
DNF Tom Kirkman  
DNF Jerry Eldred