September Regattas


We have a big weekend planned with our regular regatta on Saturday and the new sailor regatta on Sunday.

Saturday, September 19 – 10:30am Regatta Skipper’s Meeting
Race committee will be handled by Carrie & Billy Clemmer, Mike & Allison Mullins and Tom Kirkman; Refreshments by Troy Heflin; Apparel by Susan Sherrill.

Sunday, September 20 – Wind Chaser (Youth/New Sailor Regatta) -**All boats are reserved. This is a new event for our club. Rising High School Freshman, Spencer Sherrill is leading this event to encourage new sailors to get out on the water in a comfortable environment. Race committee: Mark Benham, Daniel Marquez, Les Eger, Paul Walter, Warren Mitchell, Steve Sherrill, Henry Dorn. Susan Sherrill is handling our refreshments.
Please let me know if you can provide assistance on the water!
• Captains meeting: 12:30pm
• Race review and learning session: 1:00pm
• First Race: 1:30pm
• Afternoon snacks: 3:15pm

Boats reserved by: Noah Piraino, Tiffany Waller and Dalton Waller, Ethan Palmer, Pam Lineberry, Anthony Piraino, Lauren Starkey, Chuck Starkey, 2 HPU students
If your plans have changed and you are not sailing, please let me know ASAP. We are trying to ensure we have enough boats available!

South Marina office boats (Cenntennial) – Noah and Anthony Piraino, Lauren and Chuck Starkey, Pam Lineberry
North Sailing Marina boats (Waterview) – everyone else
See you this weekend!