August Regatta

100_4442¬†OHSC held its August Regatta on Saturday, August 16, 2014, with one of its best days of participation in many years. Twenty-one boats participated in the one “race” we were able to complete. The wind was a “no-show” and the Race Committee called the event after one very slow race.
We had a beautiful day and following the delicious spread of breakfast fruit and baked goods from Connie Sloan (thanks, Connie!), Phil Andrews provided a short workshop on “How to improve your starts” in a regatta race. If we had had any reasonable amount of wind we could have better practiced what Phil taught, but the light winds did manage to keep all the boats bunched together for most of the race.

Congratulations to our top three finishers Phil Andrews, Stephanie DeLair, and Dave Heap, and to the other 18 boats who survived the “float”.

Thank you very much to the following folks:

Connie Sloan: for the wonderful breakfast
Phil Andrews: for teaching the workshop
Rosalie Austin: for being on site to sell and take orders for our apparel items
Tom Kirkman: for his donation of time and materials and the new marker buoys (which we can now see from as far away as Winston-Salem)
Les Eger, Art Hudgins, Carrie and Billy Clemmer for handling RC duties.

Full race results are posted with handicap scoring.