Sailing Camp 2021

Sailing camp 2021 was fun for everyone! Held July 26-20, class consisted of 5 youth and one adult, none of whom had ever sailed before. Students learned the basics of sailboats, rigging, knot tying, how to capsize and right a sailboat, and how to sail both monohull and catamaran sailboats.

On the first day we showed them the various aspects of sailing and went over the basics of sailboats before taking them out on the water.

On Tuesday, day two, there was very little wind so we had capsize training, where everyone flipped the Sunfish and learned how to right them. Little did we know that each one would find this skill so useful later on in the week.

Wednesday, day three, the winds were predicted to be very light but we decided to take them out sailing because they needed more practice before they were turned loose sailing by themselves on Thursday and Friday. The winds at Oak Hollow surprised us coming up to 5-10mph, which was perfect for learning to sail.

Thursday, the kids and one adult were sent out on the water to sail by themselves with our chase boat providing assistance if needed. The winds were 5-10mph for most of the day and everyone did well. There was one short period of time when the winds hit around 15mph. We had two boats capsize and the third lose a crew member overboard but they all recovered, bringing the boats back upright and helping one kid back onto the boat.

Friday we sent everyone back out sailing. The winds were again 5-10mph and this time the kids had no problems handling the boats.

Overall, it was a great week, full of lots of learning and fun!

See students in action in our photo gallery!